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November 22, 2014

is the day when I offer heart felt thanks to those who have been of service or not within and without the cyber-world of Nela Bligh. The world of Postaday where she holds forth in an unseemly fashion dragging information from that quarter and spurting in this.  So thanks to you all and those who comment  extra thanks xxx

And thanks to Peter Hay.

Sometime, soon after I started to work in the Library at the University of Reading, I came across a little collection of books published by a local company called Two Rivers Press. It was founded by the late Peter Hay, an artist and illustrator.

His work and one in particular called  Apples, Berkshire and Cider inspired me; not only is it a beautifully illustrated and annotated alphabet book , the images are hand printed. A couple of years ago I began printing myself and without the skills and know-how of Peter, I began having art lessons. So a wondrous  journey began. that has taken me further than I could never have imagined.  

These images from the above mentioned book that I enjoy ; now sadly out of print.  

Today in way of a celebration I will go to a sale of Peter’s work and buy a picture that I can look at without fear of breaking copyright rules.  






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