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At the weekend …

November 10, 2014

It began on Friday with an art class after work. I had mixed feelings about my attendance; as the event is for members of the Reading Guild of Artists. As a new member I am invited to go along.  However, with such eminent and experienced painters I expected to feel at least inadequate and most unwelcome.  The class was about composition, while I didn’t have a problem with this, it was good to get an understanding of the reasons and theory of putting a picture together. So while I got over my class room fears ( another issue that doesn’t easily go away) I did paint a picture and now have a handle on the theory.

As regards my ‘other’ concerns they were completely unfounded.  It was a wonderful experience.

The next day I went to Jackson’s Art Studios at Stoke Newington, where I learned the art of colour mixing with Laura Fishman.  I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about the course itself; more the long journey to and from.  However the travelling went like clockwork and the weather was kind. Also Stoke Newington is a very nice part of London and I will return to check it out further.

The workshop was a delight; colour mixing for me (unlike composition) without formal training  has been horrible more ‘muddy’. Laura opened lots of doors or rather a few paint pots. So in theory, I am able to make beautiful colour combinations,  a colour wheel or more, mix a wide range of colours from a small palette and make informed choices when buying paint.

So a couple of successful sessions on my wondrous journey.


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