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Saturday and a question

November 8, 2014

2014-11-08 07.00.12

After work  yesterday I went to an art  class to learn composition ; good first experience with so many experienced artists all in one room;  but my picture needs a lot of work!

 Today I am off to  London Art at Stoke Newington where I attending an art class.  It is a long way from home fortunately it doesn’t begin until 11 so I have plenty of time to get there.  I will be learning colour mixing with Laura Fishman.  I am really looking forward to it and I will tell you all about it Monday

Meanwhile I have a request ; I am looking for a drying rack for my relief prints. I have seen wall fixed type and ones that stand on the table all large and expensive.

But for me the best will one I suspend from the ceiling but not to high. I want something that will hold about 10 to 15 pieces at at one time.  I have seem some that might be DIY but no instructions I will value any inside knowledge about this very useful bit of apparatus.

I would like to know more about the Intaglio one although it is expensive.  

 Have a good day 

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