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Saturday …

November 1, 2014

2014-09-24 10.42.56

Since not working a five day week I have grown accustomed to an outing at the weekend! So in the absence of a planned workshop, me and the other half have a plan B.  Sadly, it is raining and that was not a factor considered yesterday.  Nonetheless, never say die until the ‘fat lady sings’ and be sure of the old adage ‘rain before seven will clear by eleven’.  So I have great hopes for this morning! A week or two back I went to Little Venice in London and had a little reconnoiter; it was raining then so I didn’t hang around long.  Also, I did have other pressing arrangement s to attend to. This morning we will return and this time we will take a London water bus along the Grand Union Canal to Camden Lock for a stroll and lunch.

However, there is another reason for concern. I have been watching Peaky Blinders on the television for the past few weeks.  There are, I hear,  among those ‘barge types’  rogues, vagabonds and bandits who will rape and pillage of the price of a pint, so if I do not return by tomorrow …

If you haven’t been watching Peaky Blinders then catch it on iplayer. 

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