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Wednesday’s Wood engraver

October 29, 2014

Annabel Kidston (1896-1981) is probably best known in her home town St Andrews on the coast of Fife.  In 1940s Annabel was part of the so called St Andrews School ; along with Jozef Sekalski, Roberta Hodges, James Scott and the Mckenzie sisters.  They formed a group under the auspices of the Scottish Arts Council, to promote Scottish and International art through exhibitions and lectures.

Between 1941-1946 Annabel became an instructor in drawing and engraving for the Committee of Education for the Forces.  Together with her friends and artists Alison and Winifred Mckenzie, she held weekly evening classes for the Polish soldiers who were stationed in St Andrews while the Polish Government was in exile.

The woodcuts that resulted from their work were exhibited in art galleries in St Andrews and Edinburgh.  Some of these works now form a part of the  St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum collection.

After the war Annabel went on to teach and exhibit her works.  As a member of the Society of Print Makers she produced illustrations for Jonathan Cape, Glasgow Bulletin, Saltire Society and Chambers Encyclopedia.  Her prints can be found in Manchester and Glasgow galleries as well as the Ashmolean in Oxford.

I have only found a few examples of Annabel’s work but will search out more while in Oxford in a week or two


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