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Weekly photo challenge … refraction

October 21, 2014

Oh Dear! A double whammy for me this week.  I do not know the meaning of refraction ; so therefore have no idea how to demonstrate it in a photograph. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to publish a blog post  I will give it my best stroke.

As if by magic this morning under a Indian Bean Tree near the library a ‘crop’ of toadstools appeared. They are very beautiful and attracting lot of attention from the students as they walk to and from the library.  The tree is huge and the soil below remains dark and damp most of the year.  Although it is a idea environment for fungi it is not so easily photographed.  Until this morning when the sun was high and particularly bright.  It filtered through the heavy foliage and even lit up the tiny droplets of water that hung precariously on the edge of the toadstool.

I am not sure, as previously mentioned that this has any thing to do with refraction but for me is as good as it gets this week.

2014-10-17 13.22.06

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