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Its Saturday … I Salute

October 11, 2014

badger press

I had some good news and some news this week.  

The later was not news, but facts I already knew but had it confirmed … Alopecia is not life threatening or even harmful to me or anyone else. Physically that is! However, the treatment that is not effective is harmful, not life threatening but is painful and has side nasty effects.   

So I am not considering taking action.  The consultant said the either way I cannot expect a favourable  (what ever that is) result soon;  if ever.

I, on the other hand am happy with this alternative …  and salute the choice to be ok!

The former ‘news’ I have been expecting for a long time has been confirmed ; I no longer work a 5 day week. I work part-time.  I don’t care if this is life threatening or has bad side effects ; I welcome this with delight and thank those who put this in place.  It has been a long process as this opportunity to ‘apply’ for flexible hours at work is a new for those of us who do not have dependents who need care. My application was long and well thought out. While I wanted to reduce my hours I had to suggest ways in which my ‘other’ hours were employed.

So I feel pleased with the result in more ways than one …  

So this weekend I am off to Bishops Waltham for a weekend of wood engraving with Kate Dicker at Badger Press… I will tell you all about it on Monday! Have a good weekend xxxx


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  1. October 12, 2014 4:44 am

    I have alopecia too and it’s definitely been a struggle. I’ve been experimenting with different treatments, all with varying degrees of success. Check out my blog if you’re interested in learning more.

    – K.

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