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Saturday … is fine

October 4, 2014

2014-09-14 16.23.40

This week has been ok!

The weather has been kind, for those of us who cycle to work and have no hair. I know, we need the rain but this pleasantness is fine!

Work also is nice ;  while still waiting to hear from the powers that been when my hours can be reduced the conditions are more than bearable. There is still plenty to do and it remains a joy!

Home also is fine even the balance of art and chores has been acceptable.

Communication between Brazil and UK has been good ; two parcels posted a little under a month ago arrived safe and sound. With no problems ; this has marked a significant improvement in the system that was previously negligent and corrupt.

‘Where is the ‘but?’ ’ I hear you ask,  I am always blabbing about the swings, to and fro and ups and downs of my life. Even I am perplexed there is no end to this post … no desperate plea for an answer …

Seems I have it; live is good for now…

Thank you!

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