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Weekly photo challenge … adventure

September 9, 2014

This might not look like an adventure; but believe me it is.  I have always enjoyed art but I gave it up seriously when I was not prepared to explore the life of an artist and took up a more comfortable career.  

So when I decided to returned to up my childhood dream, it did seem like an adventure. Buying paper and paints was like eating forbidden fruit.  When I started printmaking a step away from drawing and painting it was even more exciting.  

While I was in Brazil I was given the opportunity to try wood cutting. Although it is much like lino cutting and wood engraving there are some differences that proved to be a challenge.

Print makers in Brazil make use of reclaimed wood; such a school desks made of Canela Wood (cinnamon)

I was given a little pile of materials  one is canela but the others are unknown.  My next step is to learn a little more about them and prepare them for engraving.  

The tools the engravers use in Brazil are fairly traditional but some are made of recycled materials like umbrella spokes. Also, the paper and ink are affected by the climate in Brazil so care has to taken when using them.  While I don’t have these problems here in UK; I do have a lot to learn and it does have a feel of an adventure into unknown territory.

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