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Weekly photo challenge … Dialogue

September 2, 2014

Oh dear ; not so easy this week.  Plenty of people about me in deep dialogue; some lively debate that would make an interesting image. But me muscling in with my camera would not be over polite, if indeed legal.  So best,I consider the conversations I have with myself ; these are just as difficult to portray, near impossible, but  for the sake of Postaday I will try.

I talk to myself throughout the day.

Before I rise from my bed  I ask ‘What day is it?’ ‘Week day or not?

Its raining.

‘Did it start before seven? Will it clear by eleven?’

‘What’s the plan?’

Just as well I am not a brain surgeon or a space rocket engineer ; nothing would get done before noon.  

However, the discussions go on ; having decided I will go to work ; we/I mull over the location, the tasks involved and the style of dress required.

The pros and cons of breakfast; cereal and or toast, tea or coffee, the debates go on.  

And still no image until further, more animated deliberation  … which bag?  

2014-09-01 08.56.47

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