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Saturday again!

August 30, 2014

The effects of the events that happened last week could have gone one of two ways ; diabolical or DIABOLICAL. However that was in the world of Helen W. In the realm of Nela Bligh we have ways of making things seem better; diabolical becomes an illusion.

We had viruses of the electronic kind, parasites of the medical type and we had monsters of the lesser spotted credit card chewing variety.

We could have gasped and faded under the strain;  or considered how life went on during the upheavals; tiny and even moderate works of art, daily posts with the relevant research, followed by happy and productive responses. I even went to work,  whether I maintained an adequate level of production and accuracy is not for me to judge but I was there in good spirit and keeping high levels of tea.   

Oh yes! and some successful wardrobe additions were made without a debit card but with  good old paypal!

Colourful little pieces to wear at an art exhibition next week … So joy to the world!!

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