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Saturday gratefulness

August 23, 2014

Its Saturday! and I am stuck for words. Today is the day when I write meaningful words, spout good advice and then go on not to listen to it. Consider allegories of pendulums and  ways to think out of the box and make the world seem OK! 

The week began fair ; I removed all methods of disguising my shiny head and returned to work; on reflection this proved to be the least of my concerns. No one cared or even noticed if they did ;  what the heck? All I might add ;  with love!

The middle of the week went downhill when we (my husband and I) had our cash cards eaten at a separate cash points! A rather long and silly story, best not repeated but the result seemed like disaster! Then my laptop was seriously corrupted; again a tale of woe that would not have not happen had been a little more careful. Nonetheless I reacted badly and pouted for a few hours; while a long suffering and dear friend unraveled my tangle of destruction!

During this undignified tantrum, my husband was taken ill and was admitted to hospital in the early hours of Friday! He is very poorly but with care he will recover.

So while I thank the staff at Royal Berkshire Hospital for taking care of my husband! I would like to thank my friend who continually helps me to sort out my laptop without complaint and also with love! 

Then my work mates who never fail me ; then kindly suggest a reliable virus protector without saying ‘I told you so’ Although I could read those rolling eyes of disbelief.  

And bless those welcome pop-ups saying ‘threat detected and quarantined’. 

I celebrate with a gift from my daughter .

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday


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  1. August 24, 2014 8:49 am

    What a week! I hope your husband makes a good recovery and next week is calmer for you.
    Lovely Suffolk Puffs!

    • August 24, 2014 10:53 am

      Thanks! off to spend the day by his bed. Tiny Suffolk puffs made in Rio de Janiero 😉

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