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Weekly Photo Challenge … Zig Zag

August 5, 2014

Always aware of daily prompt and themes; I prepare. However with the recent ‘without-nesses’ Those of you who know have been watching,  there are two:- without hair and without Wifi.  Fortunately the later has been resumed but the former needs a little more than a router and monthly instalment.

However, I learned about the Zig Zag prompt while in the midst of the ‘without’ wifi so my daughter and I in alternative mode decided to photograph with pavements of Copacabana.  These images had to be ignored as the lines of coloured stones created by Roberto Burie Marx are geometric  rather more wavy certainly not zig-zag (so any images can wait for another prompt)

So now with the Drop box facility on my camera and newly arrived WiFi I can, I think, use some images, shot with my art class in mind.

They are, I think zig-zag.

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