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Wednesday’s wood engraver ….

July 30, 2014


I write a post daily for my blog. This method can be a delight [or not] especially as I work in mine of information. In a library and museum there is a font of new and old stories and images.   I am comfortable and in a place where my blog works for me.  Being on holiday is another kettle of fish; especially in a foreign country without the above mentioned resources and the social media niceties. 

I don’t expect to find the information so readily, if at all so I am happy to refine my posts accordingly but without Wifi even that is difficult.

I am not saying that Rio is without the social media tools,  however it is true that anything thing beyond the complexities of the mobile phone is not readily available and within the price range of everyone.  

So with this in mind I go to bed and wake with one wish of the blogging kind that I will at least find inspiration and an image; that is easily transferred from my head to  the cyber waves of WordPress.  

Yesterday, we walked to Copacabana to shop; around 10 blocks away and a pleasant walk for my daughter still unable to walk miles.

I did not expect to find a wise woman, a wood engraver although we did pass the statue of Princess Isobel who I did feature on a previous Wednesday.  

I could resort to a reblog; this is my journey so a revisit is sometimes an option.  However until I have exhausted all the options, and the fat lady sings, I do not give up.

I am like a terrier running hither and thither following  a scent for some prey. My long suffering husband and daughter come up with good ideas but they do not fit the bill and dampened by my self imposed restrictions. Woman, Wise, Wood Engraver on a Wednesday will only do.

But my tenacity paid off in a second hand bookshop we found two or even three items that i could employ at some point

But favourite was a catalogue for an exhibition of Antonio Berni (1905-1981) He was born in Argentina and is well worth a thorough investigation.  These images from the early 1960s, a time when he returned to collage a technique he used to feature Juanito Laguna, a boy from the slums and Ramona Monteil, the prostitute.  His choice of waste materials became significantly contextual.  On the one hand, engravings on metal sheets and wood and surplus industrial materials were used to depict the fate of Juanito and on the other embroidery, plastic, paper and furniture mouldings, in that of Ramona.

I know the link is tenuous but these images are wood cuts and wonderful … good enough for my Wednesday post.   


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