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Saturday … with Thanks

July 19, 2014

It is Saturday, in one week’s time I will be on the way to Brazil. It is the fruition of many thoughts over the last 6 months.  I am beginning to feel excited; but I can wait. I have things to do; things I enjoy and those I don’t find so pleasant.  Nonetheless the anticipation for this long awaited trip to my beloved in South America has been as it should be; doing and being a separate mum, a woman enjoying (and sometimes not) the empty nest.  Experiencing a wide gambit of emotions it has been a roller coaster; a bumpy ride, endured only with the support of loyal friends and family.  

But I can say with hand on heart, I would not have missed it for the world but is not over yet … until the fat lady sings, Brazil and all it holds it not yet mine! So while my heart flutters and I hold back the foolish excitement …

I look at my latest works; they ARE works in progress mere tokens of preparation (life). Over the last few days I have bound together sheets of papers ‘marked’ sort of strategically to be used (to add more marks) over the next few days and during my stay in Brazil and after … as moving memento of this journey.

I would like to thank those who have been there for me over the last 6 months it has been a nightmare.  This is not a term I use lightly as a sufferer of nightmares this has been ghastly.  I have heard people suggest that to break a fingernail is a nightmare! However,without my work colleagues, friends and family I would not have made these books or anything else … So thank you all!


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