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A couple of weeks ago I …

June 30, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I went on a journey!  It was to be a round trip of 10 hours and required an overnight stay and best of all; a day off work!

I was to met a man who would teach me the rudiments of wood engraving, and to embed some methods, so that I could at least start engraving.  

Chris the wood engraver lives in Gateshead over the river Tyne from Newcastle about 300 miles from Reading where I live.  I took the train after work on Tuesday and arrived in a cheap and not so cheerful hotel around; a short trip from the station.  It was fine for an overnight stay but it was pretty grim.  The next morning I learned that the building had been a prison and a reform centre for young offenders in the 19th century. This might account for chill and gloom that loomed about the place.  Luckily my sentence wasn’t going to be long.  The next morning I took a trip across the river to Gateshead  for my lessons.  Unfortunately, I have a fear of learning and my relationship with teachers is fraught with memories of the dark ages.  However,  this teacher soon became aware of my discomfort and introduced me to his  dog a beautiful Bennington puppy, his delightful daughter who need no further description and then tea!!  We learned that we shared a love of tea; of the Chinese kind.  As the ‘lesson progressed now a little more calmly (on my part; Chris remained patient and kind) the tea flowed; literally from Green to Oolong to Pu’erh.  I then became more relaxed and comfortable. While I am not ready for the big wide world of wood engravers.  I am a little more confident with the wood, tools and methods to carry on for a until I find a teacher/mentor a little nearer home.  To find such a person might be difficult as he or she will also need to love tea!

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  1. June 30, 2016 10:19 am

    There are many people with a previous “bad learning experience”!

  2. June 30, 2016 10:20 am

    There many who have had “bad previous learning experience”

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