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Saturday Why?

June 28, 2014



It Saturday, when I chew the fat and decide whether the week has been good or bad. Never a particularly accurate straw poll, so will not stand the test of the Which Report. So of course the results often remain unanswered.  This week, my two daughters jumped two mighty hurdles and landed unscathed; one with a very nice and much deserved promotion and the other had her the last two pins removed from her newly repairing broken leg. I had my request for a reduction of working hours approved.  So after several weeks of uncertainty we all celebrated.  

However as we all silently anticipated the future even with our new found ‘energies’, we are still touched with fear for various reasons.  But are truly thankful for these medals of success.

Today I am going to London to see an exhibition at the National Gallery, or so I thought.  During the anxieties earlier this week (these aforementioned joys were not without trepidation on Tuesday)  I booked the tickets, but without care these online transactions need, I mistakenly didn’t notice the lack of receipt of payment.  I did not become aware of this oversight until last night to anything about it except grizzle about my ‘failure’ Why is that?

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