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Wednesday … Women, Picasso and Charles White

June 12, 2014

I was away yesterday so I prepared this post in advance and attempted to publish it on the calendar (?} in advance this didn’t happen this was disappointing. This is not a good reason to reblog as I hoped this might be away to blog daily when away on holiday when the internet can be a bit unstable.

Coat Hanger Doll's House

I spend a lot of time looking at the print works of other artists; a bittersweet exercise because I know I will never be able to achieve such lofty heights.

Nonetheless just looking is often just enough not only for inspiration but to consider the stories behind the picture.

These three lino cuts are favourites of mine I gaze at the graphic power of every cut.  

Picasso’s (1955) depicts his second wife and muse, Jacqueline Roque.  Elizabeth Catlett (1952) portrays an anonymous sharecropper and champions the strength and dignity of working people.  Catlett learned printing at El Taller de Grafica Popular, a workshop in Mexico City that sought to continue Mexico’s strong historical tradition of socially and politically engaged printmaking.  

The other Solid as a rock (my god is rock) is by Charles White. After being discharged from the army in 1944 he spent two years  in Mexico…

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