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Weekly Photo Challenge Room

June 10, 2014


I grew up on a houseboat! I have written much about this; so I will not bored you with the details.  But it is enough to say,  in the light of the prompt, that the effect of this rather precarious and limited existence has left me with a strong value of space (or room) and privacy. I am inclined to put a label of space and be confined.  So there is the kitchen, garden, bedroom and my study; there are no blank or wasted spaces and every ‘thing’ and ‘body’ has to earn room or recognition!    

This doesn’t mean I  need to own space or room; on the contrary I enjoy change or movement I will go like a snail, nomad, houseboat-ee, to a safe sanctuary and make a room with an upturned box!

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  1. June 10, 2014 1:39 pm

    i love this space

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