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Saturday’s monthly art class

June 7, 2014

I am off to Art class this afternoon; where I learn linocutting.  As you know I have been trying to do multicolour works and it has had mixed results. None are ready for human consumption and the whole business has I am sure contributed to my recent hair loss. What little that remains has been pulled out in desperation!!

Nonetheless It keeps me of the gin and I do keep coming back for more!

I began with a  teapot scene, it is now complete and confined to the ‘one I did earlier’ file. I went to on to do a still life with some fruit in a bowl. Trying not make the same mistakes again; but falling foul of others!

Although there is a slight improvement it remains a work in progress. It will be discussed I hope this afternoon at class.  Maybe I will be able to salvage something from the wreckage.  

However; not easily beaten I began some further sketches last evening , before the ironing drove me to the sherry and consequently fit for nothing.   

So a few images that will demonstrate life according to Nela Bligh maybe upsy downsy there is fun at times (or if not fun a distraction from the down-ness)


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