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Monday and a question or two

June 2, 2014


In a few weeks I go to Brazil; I have gathered together the stuff required for our stay and also the items for my daughters home.  We have almost exceeded our luggage limit and now I am thinking about nice things to take.

I have as you know began a life as an artist; my aim is to make prints.  However, I have discovered to make prints one needs to be an accomplished artist so I have been learning a few of the basic skills.

This weekend I did some drawings of a basket; hoping to make a rather smaller wood engraving at my workshop next week.

To cut a long story short I find myself painting the basket: and wondering …

If I could take some paints with my pencil and paper when I go to Brazil?

When I did some research as to the cost of travel sets of acrylic paints, I find they vary in cost and size and then I wonder do I need all this?

Few paints in box? bag?

The few paints I have are old and need  replacing

Then there are many manufacturers! What do I know? Is there a basic, better or best?

Who knows?

I would value thoughts on the best paints to take and how? Brushes and or pallet knives?

I don’t plan to paint all the holiday but it would be nice to continue my practicing in a nice environment.  

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  1. June 2, 2014 11:15 am

    Two ideas: Do you have an art supply shop nearby with staff you can talk to? They might have some really good ideas on what to travel with once they hear what you have in mind. The other idea is might there be a shop near where your daughter lives? You can pick up a few things whilst you are there and not have to carry them there — only home. Bon Voyage!

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