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Weekly Photo Challenge …. Twisted

May 27, 2014


I have a funny twisted relic hung on my dining room door handle. It is a gentle reminder of my dad who was a boat builder and sailor.  He would make and use fenders a little like this one; although his were stitched (by his hand) canvas stuffed with old rope.  They were used to protect the hull of the boat when docking beside a quay or another yacht.

We sailed regularly, as children,  my little sisters and I with charged with the duty of placing the fenders outboard either port or starboard as instructed when we we neared the shore.  They were very heavy and cumbersome for little girls.  We had to be careful we didn’t hurl ourselves over the side as well.  We soon learned to half hitch them to a cleat in the deck;  losing a fender over the side was a not less than loosing a child.  

However,  it was a joyous ritual that we enjoyed; also stowing them after the event as we pulled out into the channel to continue our journey; or return home.  This,  ‘putting’ way was important for my dad who was appalled by those who sailed with fenders dangling untidily.

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