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Weekly Photo Challenge …. Letters

April 29, 2014

This week’s photo challenge was no less difficult even though I spend my life surrounded in letters. In the form of books and manuscrips.  Even at home I collect letters as letterpress, as well as books and have a wealth of handwritten journals. As a scholar of dead languages and if pressed I could produce a selection of perfectly penned ‘other’ letters

But …

Recently when asked to design a book jacket for a friend; I was inspired by an artist called Nancy Spero.  She was infamous for her ‘Victim Art’ and used typed text and newspaper clippings in collages.  I had a go but used computer generated fonts on copy paper, which I stained with cold tea. Like her I tried to over print with lino cuts. While her works, worked! Mine failed miserably.  

So I decided to use a recently bought manual typewriter; with better quality real printing paper maybe I would fair better …

Sadly I am no typist and the ribbon is well passed its use by date, I will not reach the lofty heights of the likes of Nancy Spero. However, I will not give up on my new rather clumsy and unforgiving friend.

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