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Saturday …

April 26, 2014

On a Saturday I usually tell you how life is or how it seems. (generally of course, more detail would be like painting the Forth Bridge)  After a week of ups and downs, I decide whether to be thankful or offer a prayer for divine intervention.

I suppose this week has been no different,  there have been the usual trials and tribulations for which I remain grateful.

However, there was one event for which I will probably get divine retribution! I got Doctor’s receptionist rage and also doctor more intense rage … For which I do not apologise or regret!

I should have know better but nonetheless I had reached a point in my recent malady when I wanted some help, reassurance or even comfort instead I got insensitivity, rudeness and inhumanity. Not just from the receptionist but the doctor who had the bedside manner of circus trainer.  Strong language, but I don’t respond well to people who don’t offer common courtesy or look me in the eye and then click their fingers when I required to take a seat!

And then I was asked ‘How I thought a doctor could help; as no one knows what causes alopecia and there is no cure’

So after the doctor had gazed at my head as if I had some deadly disease; I tied my scarf round my head and left feeling bereft and broken

However; I am sensible and rational and have a keen sense of fun. I know the score there are ways to address this and it is not life threatening. But, I am now a little sad that the NHS is so unkind.


But I needed to get it off my chest … which incidentally is also less hirsute 😉

I look out of the window now as the sun tries to come through the rain cloud I think this Saturday is going to be OK!

With a trip to London, to visit the Royal Academy and then lunch at Mildred’s in Soho and then off to the British Museum … Marvelous; all is well.

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  1. April 26, 2014 11:36 am

    Sorry to hear that…
    But am glad you manged to find some comfort in those gorgeous flowers, and of course a trip to London is always fun.

  2. April 26, 2014 5:38 pm

    These are some very interesting pictures! 🙂

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