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Wednesday’s Wise Women … Cecilia Meireles etc.

April 23, 2014

Today marks a half way point ; it has been 3 months size my daughter and her partner returned to their home in Brazil and it is 3 months until we spend a a holiday with them. We are lucky because we get to enjoy parts of Rio de Janeiro that other tourists will not even see. We are beginning to make tentative plans; but mostly hopping they will be recovered from their recent accident.

Coat Hanger Doll's House

While I was away in Rio, it was my intention to write about three women for my Wednesday Women slot; Clarice Lispector, Carmen Miranda.  Today,  planned to add Cecilia Meireles (1901 – 1964) Brazilian born poet who was orphaned at three years went on to win literary acclaim very early in her career and won the Brazilian Academy of Letters Poetry Prize for 1939 (2009) Merieles died of cancer in Rio de Janeiro.

I had some background knowledge but inadequate for the job in hand; so I planned to research more while in Rio.  Unfortunately, this fell rather flat when I discovered early in my visit that I would be unable to access the internet at ‘home,’ also other access points were a bike ride away.  Besides which any research materials found would be in Portuguese and to get any understanding and to do them justice I would…

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