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Weekly Photo Challenge … Street life

April 1, 2014
Not a great shot but I also didn't want to upset the owner of the gates

Not a great shot but I also didn’t want to upset the owner of the gates

I live a long way from semi-detached suburbia; as you can see. It is a tiny street built for the factory workers of the 19th century long before cars were commonplace. This enclosed space was once the backyard of a shop, now converted to student accommodation. This is now a little motorbike repair shop, the owner who lives nearby does come and go all day.

The street now is populated with cars.  The residents who no longer work at the factory, as it closed years ago, commute to factories and offices built ‘out of town’.

Each morning morning the drivers leave home certain they will not enjoy their own ‘parking space’ when they return later in the day. But when they do they will find space politely, appropriately and obeying polite rules. If you disobey there are less polite unspoken laws and you will not do it again.

For over 25 years we have been careful not to break the rule. However those new to the area sometimes take a chance and 9 times out of 10 this is OK! However this weekend someone  abused the situation and provoked the owner of the gates and garage to write a reminder across his windscreen, not indelible I hope but nonetheless not quite so polite.

The car owner no happy with this infringement of his rights to park where he likes; proceeded to empty his car of the litter he had accumulated for the last few years on the pavement in front of the gates. This is shameful and a pitiful reminder of how things can get out of hand … and real damaged caused.

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