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Saturday on the see-saw of life

March 29, 2014

Today is my exhibition at the Rising Sun Art Centre it will be a part of my work in progress.  They are of course finished pieces .  Whether or not I consider them sell-able is up to potential customers.  

For me they are priceless gems; little nuggets mined over the last few weeks.  I have delved into the depths of my being during; a time of grief and despair.  So while I will not sell much I will celebrate each precious piece that represents a time of tension; one side of  the me sad and hopeless and the other being an artist asking the unanswerable questions: Where is the happiness? What colour? Its perspective? Its form? Where is the light? Shade? How do I do it?  Is good? Bad? or indifferent? etc etc.

Of course being an artist doesn’t make me happy or even take away the pain but it does allow a window of respite. 

While searching for an illustrator a while ago I came across Mary White the textile designer;  I even found some scraps of her  fabric on Ebay .  Not enough to make anything of substance  but plenty for this ‘installation’ that serves as  picture in its own right but makes  lovely backdrop for some of my early prints.

A little busy … but none the less a happy notion.  when life is not always so.

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