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Wednesday’s Woman … Claudia Silva Ferreira

March 26, 2014

On Saturday I re-blogged a post from an unknown blogger.  I don’t often do this for a multitude of reasons but this one just shook me.  I reread it two or three times and discussed it with my daughter before … clicking reblog.  Even after several reads of a poor translation I still didn’t fully understand the background and reasons for the tributes.  I have read more and have better understanding and add my voice to the that of the bereaved family who are demanding a full investigation.

Claudia Silva Ferreira  was a mother of 4 children and  was looking forward to celebrating 20 years marriage later in the year. She worked as an general assistant in the nearby hospital.  Early on the morning of the 15th March she left home with a cup of coffee in hand and hurried off to work. Unbeknown to her  in the street there was a fight going on between the police and some drug traffickers, Claudia was caught in the gunfire and was injured. The police claimed later that she appeared to be carrying a hand grenade!

Claudia was taken to hospital; by the Military police   who tied her body to the back of a truck as a criminal and dragged her through the streets.  Witnesses saw her body banging against the kerb stones and other vehicles. When she arrived she was dead.

Her family and local community are outraged and have staged protests.

The blog by was posted as a result.  Artists created images in a bid to restore Claudia’s  dignity, stolen so violently by the Military Police. With the  project 100 times Claudia, Olga hoped that 100 artists would submit their respects.

As you can imagine her hopes have been far exceeded and the many pictures and good wishes will be sent to Claudia’s grieving family.



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