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Saturday … Reasons to be cheerful

March 22, 2014

I have spent the last two months or more ruminating about my hardships, disappointment and grief not without reason of course I cannot beat myself up for that as well.  Rumination, has its uses: it help me make sense of the situation … it even gave me fodder for my blog posts.  But sadly when out of balance rumination, that naturally goes on within can manifest as awkward outward behaviour.  It therefore doesn’t help a person like me already depressed and ‘out of balance.’

So as I become more at ease with the sad situations surrounding my recent bereavement and my daughters accident I find the ruminations increasing.  Even I am beginning to lose interest in the circles of conversations or would be conversations with poor innocent people who had no idea how a throwaway remark or thoughtless action had sent me into a place of disrepair.    So I am now needing some positive action and considering reasons to be cheerful

… so while I have already ruminated on them I will just say


For truth, choices, love, tea and hyacinths!

Oh yes and this little tea pot … and some biscuits!

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