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Wednesday’s Wise Woman … Violeta Para

March 12, 2014

This morning I was in the depth of despair. WordPress was not playing with me. I began to pout when I was not able find a way to post in my normal way I decided to ‘share’ an archive from my tablet. I wondered how Violetta would have dealt with the situation … She would have undoubtedly composed a song. I will not go that far.
Meanwhile, I have discovered that I gave some house keeping issues as regards my browser and I need to clear my cache and restart! It seems sometimes the browser saves wrong information and tries to use it every time resulting in screwed up web pages. I will I hope be able to rectify this later today meanwhile I sure Viotetta would have not this hiccough get her down.

Coat Hanger Doll's House

‘From time immemorial 

Hell was invented 

to frighten the poor

with its eternal punishments’.

Violeta Para (1927 -1967) was a Chilean composer, song-writer, folklorist, ethnomusicologist and visual artist.  She was responsible for the renewal and reinvention of Chilean Folk music, bringing it beyond the bounds of Chile onto the world stage and recognised by many as Chilean New Song (Nueva Cancion Chilena)
Violeta was born in  San Carlos, a small town in southern Chile.  To a poor family who moved from town to town to find work.  This was rarely successful and as a result her father,  a travelling teacher, became an alcoholic and Violeta had to abandon her studies to support her family.  She began singing on trains, in restaurants, small concert halls and circuses.
After her father died; although this loss left the family destitute; her mother worked as washerwoman and was able to finance Violeta´s elder brother…

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