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Friday’s Snapshot from the Library

February 28, 2014

These two little books have been on my desk for a day or two.  I kept meaning to shelve them but  they seemed to say ‘look at me’ with a theatrical air. I soon discovered the illustrators were set designers of some renown.

The woodcutter’s dog (in the French called Le Chien de Brisque) by Charles Nodier ; beautifully  Illustrated by Claud Lovat Fraser is a delight.  

Claud Lovat Fraser or Lovat Claud (1890-1921) a theatre designer, woodcut artist, illustrator and draughtsman was a self-taught artist, attending Westminster School of Art with Sickert for only one year.  He began his career as artist and designer in 1911. His first published works of designs and decorations appeared in Flying Fame (1913). He is best known for his theatrical designs, settings and costumes for As You Like It and The Beggar’s Opera, produced at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith in 1920.

The other Mr Marionette told by Katherine Colville and illustrated by Albert Rutherston is also a joy to look at.

Albert Daniel Rutherston (1881–1953) was a British artist, brother of William Rothenstein and pupil of Fred Brown. He painted figures and landscape, designed posters and stage sets; particularly for the plays of Shakespeare and Bernard Shaw and illustrated books by Shakespeare and Maeterlinck.

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