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Do I have what it takes? It is more than a good roller?

February 24, 2014

2014-02-22 11.12.04

I wish to become a print maker; or at least improve my skills so that I can exhibit my work and maybe sell a piece or two.  It all began as a bit of fun, with minimal investment about two years ago.  Inspired by Peter Hay of Two Rivers Press I began a little journey.  It was, and remains so to a degree, a joy, productive and I have even showed and sold a few items.  

While I was having fun, I did see some potential and raised my stakes a bit.  I returned to drawing and painting and attend some classes and workshops.  I even found myself an art teacher to remind me of the basics; learned years ago but forgotten in the mists of time. This has given me the impetus to develop my printing making. Which, I have learned through other printer makers, is more than aesthetically pleasing but a craft that needs eyes and hands for the technical, balance, symmetry, order, tradition and good tools!

Skills and words used by my dad as a boat builder, a colleague who is a bookbinder and my brother, an engineer etc.  

So I need skills and tools I don’t have yet.  Yes I have some tabletop, basic tools and the skill to match, but not much else.

So I set about ways to improve the situation and enrolled in a couple of weekend classes I also made an appointment to spend a day with a printer for one-to-one training.  She was to advise me on the art and craft of printing,  using the tools I already had. Then she went on to tell me how I might improve with a modicum of investment. Ways in which I might improve my workmanship, maintain or increase my levels of enjoyment and become a competent print-maker. Six hours later I got the idea and understood the need for good tools and the right products such as  ink, cleansers etc. My dad’s mantra singing in my head.

I have a shopping list of ‘must haves,’ they are not going to break the bank; but added to the money already spent means I have reached or almost there of a place of no return!

The bottom line is I don’t want to be cutting erasers for the rest of my life. I do want to be an illustrative print maker;  it is my dream. But there is a need for further investment, of time and money both are limited and do these match the skill now or that to be achieved?   

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