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Wednesday’s Woman … Marinês Busetti

February 19, 2014

Marinês Busetti – Xilogravura from Spaghetti Filmes on Vimeo.
My research into worthy women began soon after I starting my blog; it would not have worked without my daughter’s input. Each Tuesday I agonise over my Wednesday woman; between us we usually find a likely candidate.  
This week, my comrade has really come up with a champion.  My daughter and I are would be printers while not yet tried wood we are becoming more adept at lino cutting.  So we are always on the look-out for inspiration and when she found Marinês Busetti we were delighted
Marinês Busetti studied art at university; she enjoyed printing, drawing, sculpture and in 1987 had her first exhibition.  During this time she also practiced the art of paper folding. She began experimenting with other materials; using optical illusion, light and shade and perspective.
In 2003 she returned to xilogravura (wood cutting) working with a living material and using an age old technique.  She enjoyed the opportunity to preserve the old art form and welcomed the opportunity to share it with children. It was then she remembered how much she had enjoyed origami; with its lines and forms and found ways in which she could apply it to wood engraving.

Marinês is able to repeat her patterns so her works are often several feet square.

Recently she has appling her prints to other materials, using colour ; as she says and old technique in a contemporary way

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