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Saturday … to an Art Class

February 15, 2014

Enough is enough ! For too long I have wallowed in this empty nest … The fledgling has grown, she has her own life, nest and home comforts.  Her home in the UK is a bolt hole, nonetheless loved and sometimes longed for, but not Home! I agree and have no regrets; I really don’t! The transition has been long and sometimes painful; but in the main a pleasant journey especially as we begin to plan our third visit to Brazil in the summer.  

However, these recent shocks: my mother’s death, my daughter’s return to Rio,  no matter how well we plan this it is always a tender time, then there was the accident, these have taken their toll.  

Emotionally it has been exhausting and practically too. My creative stuff went on hold; in its very new and treasured condition it could not have endured the festivities and then the turmoil of the funeral and child’s return.  So at the end of the year it seemed right to have a little break.  I did do what was necessary like my homework for my art class and my daily blog post; but nothing to raise the mood or delight in my previous new found delight in self improvement.  

Gradually I fell into a circle of mournful displeasure. The grief and woe be gone become my focus; blaming the non-productivity on the grief and then grieving over the non-productivity!

So today I take some baby steps to address this ugly situation …

As I said I have not stopped working, but while I now had no mother (although she had never in the past praised my attempts to be an artist … I did live in hope) to wonder at my creations and my daughter too had other things more pressing to occupy her mind (or so I thought) ….

I really must honour my recent works of art! and celebrate today an Acrylics Workshop today and the local Community Arts Centre.

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