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Saturday Supplication …

February 1, 2014

This week has been long and miserable.  The days for me after my daughters recent return to her home in Brazil had been bitter-sweet; we had had a wonderful time, even with the death and funeral of my mother. Her father and I had booked our flights to visit in July.  She had returned with great hopes for the future; with work and study, also she had many kilos of christmas gifts to reopen when she returned.  The following Saturday, they all but finished unpacking and had taken their motor bike to distribute other family gifts,  bought back from the UK. I remember the day we spent buying the gifts and wrapping them and even more clearly the time we squeezed them unceremoniously into the last remaining spaces in the cases.

They were driving back to spend some time with a friend and celebrate her birthday; it was the middle of a pleasant afternoon they were happy to be home in Rio. Life seemed good.

Until, a car shot out from a right hand turning and hit them broadside; with such power they were flung over his bonnet and onto the pavement and stopped by a small tree growing by the road.It was only my son-in-law’s quick thought that saved my daughter from more and even fatal injuries. He held her body close to protect her from the imminent secondary ‘crash’ as they catapulted towards the tree. More injuries were curtailed by his helmet.  

He was a hero; he remains in hospital with multiple wounds inside and out and a badly broken leg; they cannot operate until the risk of infection has gone. He is sad, lonely and still feels responsible to my daughter’s situation.  My daughter also has a badly broken leg; but fortunately her other injuries were not so bad and her operation was fairly straightforward; she is home convalescing nonetheless it will be several months before the pins are removed and she able to walk unaided.  

As I said my son-in-law not yet in a position to ‘begin’ his recovery and is dealing with a trauma that will take much longer to heal.  

So to day I send good wishes to Brazil to those caring for my precious family.  Also, to  the driver of the car who I understand has been visiting them while in hospital.

I send good wishes to my daughter’s work colleagues who have been pillars of strength with practical and emotional help. I am truly grateful to my son-in-laws family; mum, dad and sisters who stayed by their sides and kept me posted. Also to my dear son-in-law who saved the day and to whom I remain grateful. 

Meanwhile; I have a good network of supporters here in UK  who have wiped the tears of this wailing woman  in particular my art teacher who is blissfully unaware of the recent mishap. She was however supportive on the evening of my daughters recent return.  It was the first clear dry night for several days so she built a fire in the garden.  So with paper and pencils and a cup of tea nearby she allowed me to paint my emotions in the light and the warmth of the fire.  I was was a beautiful experience and one I hold in a time when everything seemed so ghastly and would unbeknown to be get considerable worse.

So Daughter and Son [-in-law] lets not celebrate the Wailing Woman … I give you the Dancing Queen … we will dance soon!

2014-01-31 08.32.32

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