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Rowing a boat

January 15, 2014

This post has become a story within a story as I add another layer! These last weeks, what with the visitors and my mum’s death, being creative has not been my priority; this has been a mixed blessing. I am reluctant to say usual business will resume soon; I am wondering if this little girl who began almost 60 years ago should perhaps ‘push the boat out further’ … what do you think?

Coat Hanger Doll's House

I have started to write poetry; and it has been more difficult than I thought.  Each day I sit with a pad and a cup of tea or more.  Sometimes I write and most times I don’t.

This morning I thought I would try and write a poem about learning to row … of this I am well accomplished – the rowing I mean.

But still I got no further than the sitting and drinking tea stage

When I remember I have a piece that also began as a poem

Ah well back to the drawing board and the cold tea … boom te boom

Don’t know what came first – the ability to row or the sense of balance (or more importantly getting into a dinghy)

The sense of balance becomes so highly tuned that one never forgets.  Even after the initial joy of being old enough to row…

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