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Weekly Photo Challenge … beginning

January 7, 2014

I am well practiced at new new beginnings; however that doesn’t make them any easier.  I cite an oft quoted phrase from the mouth of CJ in The rise and fall of Reggie Perrin ‘ I didn’t get where I am now’ … without refining the art of starting again.  I have come back after divorce, redundancy, death of family,  friends and even a pet; life has not not always been kind.

One would think Christmas and a New Year would be plain sailing, especially as previously described I have pretty much ironed out any potential problems.

To that end Christmas was fine and New Year seemed to hold no false hopes; so it seemed business as usual;  a  night in with Jules Holland, a glass of sparkling and a few carefully worded New Year’s resolutions,  just in case anyone asked.  For example:- refrain from Sparkling Wine  for 12 months and remain in my quest for peace in the realm of Nela Bligh. Not too difficult to keep up for a day or two.

But sadly this has not been the case; first, my husband has been diagnosed with an uncomfortable  stomach complaint; not too serious and curable. With medication, a change of diet and no alcohol and coffee etc he will recover.  In some respects this is a good opportunity to consolidate a good diet and look forward to a healthier beginning to a new year.

Then my mother died; she was elderly and very poorly; she was not confined to bed so the end was not yet expected. We did not have the opportunity to say good bye.  A fond farewell is,  as it sounds a nice way to end.  It marks a beginning; it is a blessing.

I feel let down; especially as my dad died in similar circumstances, almost 20 years ago, he suffered a mighty heart attack as he rose from his bed one morning. Gone without saying good bye.  

Meanwhile; I am well practiced;  people, pets and opportunities come and go … I remain alone and a little wiser this is enough to begin with.


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