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Weekly photo challenge …. Joy!

December 31, 2013

2013-12-24 12.16.54

As you would expect I post a festive image; at this time of year an emblem of joy.  Sadly we know this is not so on all sorts of levels. This is why sadly or joyfully my box of baubles stayed in their box this year.  This may not be  permanent decision; next year they may come out in in their glory but maybe not on Christmas Day.

For this year I decided that so called day of Jesus’ birth would not be celebrate any differently to any other day of the year.  

I have never been overly precious about the ‘festive season’ I enjoy the ideals and reasons and do in my way pay homage to those. I do however bulk at the commercialism, greed, over indulgence and the exclusiveness.

I do also enjoy the break from work but the stresses and strains that we suffer to plan for this actually takes away some of the joy.

This year we had the added pressure caused by the UK Border Agency who were being very unfair about the use of their new and improved ways to keep unwanted foreigners from our shores.

So with this in mind I decided to look at the ways I celebrate life. Whether it is a change of season, the birth of a precious son, particularly those born in uncomfortable environments and circumstances, even guests to my home invited or otherwise, whether it is 25th December or the 11th November  it is a time of celebration.  Maybe be not worthy of the complete works the baubles perhaps not always at the ready.

I will be (I hope) aware of the the these less common precious days, if that includes spirituality, gratitude, giving or receiving gifts, so be it.  If I chose to decorate myself or my home before or after the 12th night may that also be OK.  If I have the opportunity to receive visitors throughout the year I will remember that nut roast and joy is not for Christmas.


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