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On Wednesday …. for Mums

December 18, 2013

Last night spent too long preparing a long screed for today’s post; long agonising words about the pain of the Empty Nest Syndrome whether or not it compared with that of homesickness etc. You have heard it all before; grief ridden self-pitying drivel.  (it didn’t seem so at the time) I was going to post it this morning.  … some something held me back.  

Since the beginning of December and the advent of M’s visit and Christmas, I have been practicing drawing.  Each day on an A2 sheet of paper I have made a study of several kitchen implements from every angle; almost intimately. This morning I got close to a cream jug and   a rose; dried during my daughters previous visit two years ago.   It began pretty much as usual with mixed results.  It set me thinking about pain; and believe me there is none worse than labour pain; but those pale into insignificance when the fruit of that previous few hours and months is put into your arms.  The pain/joy of motherhood is intoxicating and pain numbing. So Empty Nest Syndrome; What is that?

Get me to the airport I need the antidote … a hug!!

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  1. December 18, 2013 1:01 pm

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    Beginning countdown its 26 hours be plain touches down at Heathrow

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