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Weekly Photo Challenge … Community

December 17, 2013

2013-12-16 08.45.08

Sadly as the rain and gusts of wind continued into the third day; I was unable to capture a romantic view of my community.  So I must settle for a shot, snapped yesterday morning as I rushed to work between showers.  On reflection it is rather more honest than the pictures I may taken had the weather been kinder at the weekend.

I live in Reading a town some 30 miles or minutes by train west of London.  I won’t go on about the demographics of the town; but suggest that like other towns, it is invisibly divided into areas or communities; maybe north, south, east and west. We become familiar with our designated surroundings.  

A week or two ago I ventured from my east side of town to the west and was a little offensive about its status.  I have since  apologised;  as I stood guilty as the ‘pot in the kettle saga’.  

My friend, Reading born and bred suffered the silly talk of a migrant. I am one of many drawn to this busy and vibrant town for work and affordable housing 30 years ago. Suggesting that I came from the more favoured side of town; idle chat the like of which starts wars!

Nonetheless I enjoy my part of the town and the community I live in; a motley band  of migrants making a living the best we can; putting our stamp albeit a little clumsily.  


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