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Saturday’s good wishes …

December 14, 2013


I was not brought up in a religious household, my father was a lapsed Catholic and my mother had no particular tendencies.  There was no animosity towards religion and a god, but it was not talked about. Jesus was discussed only at Christmas and Easter.  I have made ‘inquiries’ since on all levels but have never succeeded in finding faith in a particular graven image.  

However I do value the strength of prayer, wishes or a blind belief that someone somewhere answers words of desperation. Moreover, I have learned that these words must be well calculated.  For instance, I was and remain a bit of an adventurer.  On many occasions I would go to my friends house after school for tea and the watch her coveted TV.  It was often dark when I returned home; so I would call in the night ‘please get me home safely and spare me my mother’s cruel tongue and heavy hand!’

This of course was just too much to ask no one no matter how divine could defuse this molotov cocktail  

So I have learned to ensure that wishes/prayers into the night or day are carefully worded; these too have had varying degrees of success.

My daughter as a child and now has adopted my routine or ongoing method of preparation and protection in potential dicey situations.  …. like getting out of bed in the morning.

We, together would tactfully be grateful for the previous day’s delights and summon up some sort of grace for the ‘learning’ opportunity that hit us in the eye! We would then makes wishes; not for that coveted fashion accessory although that would be very nice.  More perhaps based on yesterdays failings … ‘ may all students find the physics test less of a challenge please?’

Still many years later my daughter and I prompted by daily life,  we still offer wishes, not for for ourselves directly that would not do! But, conveniently find a way that we are included.  First, by adding a bit of gratitude and grace just in case and the add the well worn but meaningful phrase and ‘all beings’!

Like this week after months of separation, some anxiety  and many such prayers,  we will soon be together but still we don’t hold our breath.  So while out this week my daughter offered good wishes to this graffiti ‘ may all vulnerable beings be protected for a while or a bit longer  … I say amen to that!

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