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Friday library snapshot …

December 13, 2013

Margaret Pilkington (1891-1974) was a wood engraver active in the early 20th century. She was pupil of Noel Rooke at the Central School of Art and Design

Margaret had a younger sister Dorothy, they were very close and share many interests artistically, intellectually and socially. Neither married; but were mindful that while they were from a privileged family   there were grave  economic differences in the neighbourhood around them. She spent much if her life and money devoted to charitable works in Manchester.

The sisters were also involved in various projects such as the Pioneer Club for professional girls and women and the Red Rose Guild; which was developed from an exhibition Margaret organised for designer craftsmen in Manchester in 1920. The guild sponsored the Craft Centre of Great Britain when it formed in 1947.

Margaret like  most of Noel Rooke’s students at the Central School was fully involved in the early years of the wood engraving revival and a member of the Society of Wood Engravers. Margaret produced and exhibited over 100 wood engravings many were used to illustrate books; some were written by her father.

These engravings are from Margaret Pilkington 1891-1974 published by the Hermit Press.

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