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Alphabe Thursday C is for Carmine, crimson and cochineal

December 5, 2013

It really is blood red!

Bald, beautiful and ballsy bint gets on her bike ...

2013-12-04 12.11.39

My favourite colour is red.  it is the colour of blood, sunset, rubies and glowing coal.  Red, particularly carmine or crimson is the pigment obtained from cochineal.  For centuries it was the treasure of the Incas and the Aztecs; after that the Spaniards guarded it carefully.  The blood of the cochineal was used to dye the robes of kings and cardinals, used on the pallets of great masters and by makeup artists.  It was, I hear at its best when fresh; one of the most valued natural dyes ever produced. However, it was not I understand used for Buddhist robes as there was too much death in it.  

The cochineal is a parasite that lives on the prickly pears in South America; there are plantations in Chile and Peru.  It is a tiny white insect about the size of a bedbug; when squeezed and killed it releases a blob…

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