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Saturday … what price on pleasure?

November 30, 2013

Well! I need not have worried. I had good feedback! and plenty of sales!! A great day !!

Coat Hanger Doll's House

Today is the Christmas Art Market; I have been working very hard for several weeks.  I am pleased with the result and ready to produce a little display.  But I am not ready to put a price on the pieces. Why is this? Does it mean I value my work at nil? I suppose it does. So the questions go on and the self doubt creeps in.  

This is a shame because all the time I was working, making shapes and marks and creating I was happy.  I did not consider the price of the materials or the time it took.  It t has been a joy I do not regret the costs or the time.  When I look at the result I smile and say ‘Yes time and money well spent’

Taking it to the show I feel like a mother and her beloved but scruffy kids on…

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