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Friday’s Library snapshot

November 29, 2013

Have a peep in the library!

Coat Hanger Doll's House

Book of myths by Jean Lang ;  drawings in colour by Helen Stratton

I came across this book in the Children’s Collection while looking for something else.  I was drawn by the the illustrations, by Helen Stratton 1867-1925.  Although, Stratton was painter and portrait artist she was best known for her illustrations.  She studied art at the Art Nouveau School on Glasgow and specialised in children’s fashion.  Early in the 20th century she illustrated serval books including Grimm’s fairy tales, The Arabian nights and The princess and the goblin.   

Stratton continued to work with children’s stories and fairy tales.  Although she moved to London she always remained true to her Art Nouveau School of Glasgow style especially with regard to children’s costumes and their background.  Her animals and birds were quite realistic.  She worked in balck and white and water colour.

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