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Weekly Photo Challenge … the unexpected!

November 26, 2013


I am stuck for a particular image to represent this weeks challenge; but I do fulfil the category.  My life is neither normal or straightforward.  There are the usual regularities; but more often there are unexpected surprises.  While some are good and others are more difficult. I get up in the morning no surprises there; but going to work on my bike is often dramatic. Things happen, mostly due to the weather, volume of traffic and the students who straddle the path oblivious to cyclists , Bless them! On the plus side there are the seasonal surprises that never fail to delight.

As the day progresses; those who read my blog will understand in my job there is never a dull moment; most days we come across a little treasure.  Or conversely; as an assistant I am daily called upon  deal with a less attractive surprise; a lost book, lost student,  or a damaged book or student … maybe rundown by an old lady on a bike looking at the ‘Oh so surprising spring flowers!’

I am a mother of two daughters, a son and grandchildren;  They of course  bring me many surprises.  While my son is self sufficient;  my daughters like to unload their lives on me; and sometimes the role is reversed, so we share our fortunes and misfortunes.  Crying  or laughing in copious cups of tea.  

My younger daughter and I enjoy the Weeping woman by Picasso it is an image we both hold near.  Her expression is one a lady  who might have when she is already emotionally charged and has one more unexpected experience.  

I will stick with her … thanks Pablo!!


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