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Saturday … end of a hard week

November 23, 2013

2013-11-17 08.08.34

This week  has been up and down.  My daughter now has a work permit for Brazil. There were some initial sad implications, but overall it was welcome; now my daughter will have opportunities to make positive choices in her life.

Like come home for Christmas.  Of course ‘M’ can within reason come and go across English borders without fear. However, her boyfriend who is Brazilian cannot. Although legally he does not need a visa to visit the Uk for less than six months it has proved on previous visits to be a prudent requirement.  ‘Unwelcome’ visitors have been turned back to Brazil at UK Border Control. His application for previous visits have been accepted with no problems.

Sadly, this time since the new immigration laws and for reasons best known to the UK Border Agency his requests have been refused.  It would appear ‘they’ think he will not return to Brazil after his holiday. This is appalling and inhuman as he fully intends to return to his home, work, and studies.

My son-in-law has provided as much as he can to prove his return but there is only so much one can do. Then, at the end he is treated as a liar and unwanted in the UK.

I understand that there are ways to buck the system; but he will not tell lies.  Also, he is reluctant to disclose details (if we were to allow this) about our financial position and our daughter’s personal data.

Surely it is not necessary to tell lies and go through hoops! I understand there should be some sort of security at any border control but this could be sensitively policed surely?

He is a human being wanting to spend time with his  ‘English’ family and go home again. 

I am hoping we have found the the support of our Local MP who will I hope understand we inviting to our home a dear man who not only cares for our daughter but also his country, mother, father, sisters and little niece.  His is not a waster, scoundrel or vagabond even if her were he deserves better than this. 

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