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Saturday … Are we there yet?

November 9, 2013

2013-10-20 18.21.46

I really do understand about life being a journey and its being part of the destination.  I can encourage my off -spring in life’s difficulties; and expound on the joys of life.  I can tell them the ultimate aim or the destination is fun on the way but when you get there is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Believe me after 63 years I have had my fair share of life’s disappointments … then I remember this is a fun post and admit to many joys and achievements.

But still life’s heartfelt and true profundities can be difficult to stomach; when beginning the journey of an artist; without much time,  remembering I have ‘one foot in the grave’

I have an exhibition soon and each day I wake up,  thinking today will be the day; I will draw, sketch, cut and print.  I do all of the above and say ‘This won’t do perhaps tomorrow ‘it’ will happen’.  I have stuff in various stages of done and undone … I even have the vision (destination) but nothing much in between.

All I can say to the driver of this big bus is ‘Are we there yet? If not then I am going to get off and become a rocket scientist.

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