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Monday; last week I couldn’t sleep …

October 28, 2013

One night last week, while I should have been sleeping, I had some thoughts.  Prompted possibly by the recent discussion on the TV and in the newspapers about the privatisation of the Royal Mail.  While  it was 2 in the morning and not thinking too much about the rights and wrongs of such a decision.  I was considering amount of money involved and the number of trees that in the form of paper had been sent about the world during the last century or so.Then still thinking into the early hours some more; about perhaps the economy installed and maintained on the back of the mighty and efficient postal service.  Was perhaps it was viable and practical?   

But still the ugly paper making industry with its loss of forests and its pollution loomed in my thoughts.

So the as I dozed again,  the tune from the old folk song brought to the for in the 1950s by Harry Belafonte came to mind ‘There’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza’ and it is true there is no right or wrong we all want ‘convenience’ but it is very costly in more ways than one.  

So perhaps tomorrow night my worldly problem will be less difficult and I will sleep more easily

So I thought I would create a little picture (s)  to express this phenomena,  it is not altogether a success. So, while I am not a world leader and unfit to put the worlds to rights; I am not yet an artist.

These letters and images represent the trees that have to sent to and fro the world by air mail.

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  1. October 28, 2013 4:40 pm

    Thanks for you post…happens that my last post was about letters and letter writing!

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