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Weekly Photo Challenge … Saturated

October 1, 2013

I am naturally eager, by some considered over enthusiastic.   

My father used to say ‘I never do anything by halves.’ I agree, I always go for the kill.  This of course is at times difficult to maintain even  with me, so long in the tooth. That is not say that I start something and never finish;  I do mostly!! I am not a fool in that respect.  Sometimes, however I do go crazy and create a naughty monster when all I wanted was well behaved goldfish.

My recent endeavour is a case in point.  I have been writing a daily journal; three pages in long hand.  It is lovingly addressed to the Page Three Lady; who you may or not know is a lady who would expose her breasts on the page three of a national tabloid.  In the 70s she might have become a minor celebrity if she decided to exploit her media exposure.  However,  I digress.  After a while not content with just writing daily I thought I might illustrate my journal. Then one thing lead to another and before long I was having painting lessons.  And now I am saturated in colour, shape, form, texture  perspective etc.  I think I maybe drowning.


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  1. Laura Bloomsbury permalink
    October 1, 2013 8:49 am

    fascinating! Loved diving into the colours here

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